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Plimsoll Single Company AnalysisA Plimsoll Single Company Analysis gives you instant expert opinion on the strengths, weaknesses and overall financial health of any UK company. Whether you are vetting a new supplier, monitoring a key customer or want the inside track on a major rival this analysis gives you the intelligence you need on a single page. Click to view example

For just £25 (+VAT) per company, you will get an unrivalled financial appraisal that uses easy to read performance charts and concise written summaries to reveal the true performance of a company.
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Pricing for Multiple Companies

1 X Single Company Analysis costs £25 +VAT,
each additional Single Company Analysis costs £10 +VAT

It will tell you:

  • If they are financially strong, weak or potentially heading for failure
  • If you should be doing business with them
  • If they are likely to be taken over
  • Their sales performance and debt position
  • Their financial history based on accounts filed at companies house
  • Who owns it and who the key decision makers are

Each Plimsoll Single Company Analysis is based on our unique model of company assessment. 9 out of 10 company failures over the past 25 years could have been spotted up to 2 years prior to their demise using this model. If you want to know more about a company – make sure you Plimsoll it!

We always subscribe to the Plimsoll Analysis. It’s really important to know what the best are achieving to help you reset your goals. To know whether you could improve, should improve or must improve.

Anthony Hooey | Signet International Limited